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Does my child need a mouth guard?

Does my child need a mouth guard?

Our dentists recommend sports mouth guards for children who take part in activities that could cause an injury to the face, mouth, or head. To protect your child's teeth speak to your dentist about custom fitted sports mouth guards. 

It's a good idea to have your child wear a mouth guard if they participate in any activity or sport where the head could come into contact with sports equipment or other players.

Mouth guards are dental appliances that are worn over the top teeth. They are designed specifically to protect the teeth, face, jaw and head from injury while taking part in sporting activities. 

One-size-fits-all mouth guards generally aren't fitted properly to the child's teeth. Which means that they can be uncomfortable and possibly less effective than well fitted custom-made mouth guards.

In order to get the best comfort, fit and protection, custom-made dental mouth guards from your dentist are the best option. 

With just two brief appointments at your regular dental office, your child can have a custom mouth guard that will keep their face, mouth and head protected whatever sport they play.

To book an appointment to have your child fitted for a custom mouth guard, contact our children's dentists in Burnaby

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