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Dental Services for Children

At Smile Town Dentistry in Burnaby, our dentists offer a comprehensive range of quality dental services, all in friendly, children-centred atmosphere.

Dental Services, Childrens Dentist Burnaby, BC

General Dentistry

General dentistry services for children include cleanings and fillings, as they do for adults, with the addition of things like thumb sucking habit breaking, sealants and tooth eruption monitoring. > Learn More

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene, in the form of regular professional cleaning and thorough at-home dental care, are absolutely vital to your child's long term oral and overall health. > Learn More


Some children feel high levels of anxiety when visiting the dentist, and others have special needs that make dental care difficult or stressful. For situations like these, there are a variety of safe, effective sedation options that can help. > Learn More

Baby Care

From the time your child starts teething, dental care becomes an important component to your child's health. From regular visits to the dentist to monitor growth, to learning how to clean your baby's teeth, the Smile Town team is here for you. > Learn More


Teens have their own unique needs when it comes to oral health care. They're at a stage where their smiles are just finishing developing, and they're often highly self-conscious about their appearances. > Learn More


Orthodontic intervention for children can sometimes be necessary at a fairly early age.

In fact, the general consensus among orthodontic professionals is that children should first visit an orthodontist for evaluation around the age of 7. > Learn More

Special Needs

Children with special needs present a unique challenge when it comes to dental care.

Fortunately, the caring team at Smile Town Burnaby has a great deal of experiences working with children across a wide spectrum of needs. > Learn More

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