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Mouth Guards

At Smile Town Dentistry in Burnaby, we recommend mouth guards for children who participate in any sports where it's possible that they'll sustain an injury to the mouth, face or head.

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is worn to protect the teeth, jaw, face and head from injury when during sports.

There are generic, one-size-fits-all mouth guards for sale in most sporting goods stores, but these do very little in terms of protection, since they're not fitted to the wearer's teeth. They are less effective, and also less comfortable, than custom-made mouth guards.

A custom-made dental mouth guard will provide the best comfort, fit and protection for your child's mouth.

How are custom mouth guards made?

To order a custom mouth guard for your child, your child will first need to attend two brief appointments at our office.

During the first appointment, an impression will be taken of your child's teeth. This impresion will be sent to the lab, where the mouth guard itself will be made.

During the second appointment, your child will give the mouth guard a test run, to make sure it fits securely in your child's mouth, and that it's comfortable to wear.

Once the second appointment is complete, and provided there are no fit or comfort issues, your child will have a custom-made mouth guard that will protect her face while playing sports.

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