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Bath, Brush, Book & Bed: Structuring Your Child’s Nighttime Routine

Bath, Brush, Book & Bed: Structuring Your Child’s Nighttime Routine

For parents with little ones at home, corralling their children into bed every night can be a challenge. The house becomes a flurry of activity after dinner, and kids can put up a battle against brushing their teeth and going to sleep even though their little bodies are exhausted from their day. What to do? Our SmileTown Burnaby dentists share some advice. 

A steady routine is key to taking your kid’s bedtime from a necessary chore you dread doing to a relaxing ritual. Picture bathing and bedtime being a bonding experience rather than a battleground. Having a predictable nighttime routine will help your child learn to expect what comes next.

Nighttime Routines That Work

Here are 4 steps to a calming routine to make the night run smoothly.


Bathtime doesn’t have to be a fight - make the tub an inviting place with some bubbles, turn on some quiet music, and trade stories with your child about your day while you bathe them.


Taking time to thoroughly brush and floss your child’s teeth (or help them do so). This crucial part of your little one’s nighttime routine will keep their smile bright - and cavities and other dental problems at bay.


Here’s another bonding opportunity. Take time to relax with your child and read for 10-15 minutes before lights out. You might even consider sharing a book about oral health geared to their age, so they can learn how healthy smiles grow.


Make sure your child gets to bed at a regular, consistent time every night. This will help their body know it’s time to go to sleep.

Do you have questions about how to implement a healthy nighttime oral care routine for your child, or is it time for a checkup? Contact our dentists today

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