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3 Books to Read to Your Kids Before Visiting the Dentist

3 Books to Read to Your Kids Before Visiting the Dentist

Dental appointments can cause children to feel uncomfortable. But understanding what happens when they go to the dentist's office can help them overcome their discomfort. Here are 3 books you can read with your kid to help them mentally prepare!

THE DENTIST AND YOU by Diane Swanson

This nonfiction book is an excellent way for adults and kids to prepare for a visit to the dentist. It helps children become comfortable with dental appointments by explaining the tools and procedures they might encounter while discussing their potential fears honestly and comfortingly.

It also includes tips for adults about how to use the book to help their kid feel comfortable and prepared.


In this sweet book by Japanese author-illustrator Tarō Gomi, both the dentist and the patient are nervous about a cavity filling! This book highlights to children how they might make their dentist feel when they act out during a visit. And it ends with a message about the importance of daily brushing and flossing.


In this addition to the Little Critter series, Little Critter goes to a dental appointment. This story follows the stages of a visit to the dentist, from the waiting room, to a cleaning, to getting a cavity filled. Familiar illustrations and a message that going to the dentist isn't so bad  make this nan excellent choice for reading with an anxious child. 

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