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2 Minute Video Timers to Keep Your Little One Brushing

At SmileTown Burnaby our dentists understand it can be a struggle to keep your kids brushing for the full 2 minutes recommended by the Canadian Dental Association. So we've found 2 fun timers to help you to keep your child happily brushing for two minutes.

Super Songs for Kids | Brush Your Teeth

Featuring happy tooth-brushing monsters and dancing toothbrushes, this upbeat song may be just the trick for getting your child to brush longer.

Incredible Magic Timer Paw Patrol Mighty Pups

As your child brushes the bubbles gradually disappear to reveal the pups from Paw Patrol. If your little one is a fan of the show, this might just make brushing more fun.

To learn more about establishing good oral health routines early, contact your children's dentist today. SmileTown Burnaby offers a full range of preventative dental care for kids.

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