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Fun Pop-Up Books that Encourage Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Many parents find it challenging to get young children to brush their teeth. If you and your little one frequently clash over oral hygiene here are some fun pop-up book suggestions from our Burnaby children's dentists to help encourage your child to brush.

Ready, Set, Brush - Elmo Pop-Up Book

Ready, Set, Brush! Produced by the American Dental Association

If your preschooler loves Elmos, this may be just the book you need to get them brushing with enthusiasm!

This beautiful interactive pop-up book allows your child to help Elmo to put just the right amount of toothpaste on his brush. 

Then grab the toothbrush and help the monster brush each tooth in tiny circles.

Zoe Monster shows how brushing her tongue is a part of a good oral hygiene routine. Your child is encouraged to move Zoe's arm to help her get the job done.

Next the beloved Cookie Monster is ready to rinse the toothpaste from his mouth. 

And finally we meet a happy dentist handing out new toothbrushes to the young monsters while they share bright happy smiles with everyone.

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Brush Your Teeth Please by Jean Pidgeon

This lovely book uses a cast animal character to teach your child about proper oral hygiene.

Your child will help a smiling bear brush his teeth up and down, and a chimp brush his teeth back and forth.

This fun and interactive pop-up book will encourage your young child to brush the back teeth of a hippopotimus, and even floss the sharks pointy teeth!

With a mirror on the back page your child can smile into the mirror while making the animals smile too.

Purchase Brush Your Teeth Please at your local bookstore, or on

Brush Your Teeth Please, Pop-up dental health book for kids

Prevention and hygiene are key to preserving healthy smiles that will last a lifetime! To learn more about keeping your child's teeth and mouth healthy, contact our Burnaby children's dentists today, to book an appointment for your child.

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