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3 Fun Musical Videos to Encourage Your Kids to Keep Brushing

The Canadian Dental Association recommends spending 2-3 minutes brushing our teeth, twice a day. Our SmileTown children's dentists know that it can be a struggle to keep your kids brushing for 2 full minutes. So, we've found 3 fun musical videos to help keep your kids brushing.

Getting your child into the habit of brushing thoroughly for a full two minutes may be challenging but it is worth the effort. Establishing good oral hygiene routines and habits in childhood will help to keep your child's teeth healthy and strong throughout their lifetime.

The Toothbrush Song

Duggee and the Squirrel Club characters keep young fans happily brushing their teeth for 2 minutes.

Healthy Teeth - Brushy Brush

Elmo and his cast of friends brush along with young viewers for a full two minutes, then end with a spit.

Brush Your Teeth to This Song

If your kid loves to dance, brushing to the beat might be the motivation they need to keep brushing.

If you'd like to learn more about establishing good oral health routines early, visit your Burnaby children's dentist. At SmileTown Burnaby we believe that preventing dental issues in childhood is key to great ongoing dental health.

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