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Book Feature: Doctor De Soto

Book Feature: Doctor De Soto

Doctor De Soto is a mouse dentist who treats animals of various sizes, provided that they don't have a taste for mice. In this fun story Doctor De Soto and his assistant find ingenious ways to help a sly fox with a toothache, in spite of the possible danger.

Award winning author William Steig was a cartoonist, illustrator and author of several children's books including Shrek! (on which the animated movies are based)

In this book we are introduced to Doctor De Soto who is a mouse and a very good dentist. Doctor De Soto and his assistant (who is also his wife) use unique methods to treat patients of all different sizes and only have one rule "Cats and other dangerous animals not accepted for treatment".

When a well dressed fox with a terrible toothache shows up at his office Doctor De Soto and his wife decide to treat the fox, in spite of the danger but know that they must come up with a plan to protect themselves from being eaten. 

This book tells the tale of how the Doctor and his wife find clever ways to help the fox while staying safe. 

Pick up a copy of Doctor De Soto to find out how Doctor and Mrs. De Soto treat the sly fox.

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