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Unusual Tips for Teething Babies

Unusual Tips for Teething Babies

If your baby is teething, it may feel like nothing helps to ease their discomfort. If you’ve tried everything else, here are a few unusual tips that could help get your baby through this tough time.

Try a frozen whole wheat bagel or waffle

Cold, chewy and tasty, this trick may help keep your child’s mind off their discomfort with something yummy!

Have you heard of vibrating teethers?

Gentle vibrations help sooth baby's suffering gums. Here’s an option on Amazon with lots of positive reviews:

» First Year Massaging Teether Pack

Try freezing a bottle nipple.

Put a baby bottle nipple in the freezer 20 minutes before a feeding to help make the process go more smoothly.

How about a mesh or silicone baby feeder + frozen pureed fruit?

Freeze some pureed fruit in an ice cube tray, and pop the cubes into a mesh baby feeder. Tasty and effective!

There are couple of good feeder options available on Amazon:

» NatureBond Baby Feeder Fruit Pacifier

» Munchkin Feeder 2 Pack

Frozen Go-Gurt

When frozen, these compact yogurt packs make a delicious, creamy treat that also helps soothe sore gums.

If you have questions about managing your child's teething, please get in touch with our Burnaby children's dentists any time!

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