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Smile Town Book Club: Arthur’s Tooth, by Marc Brown

Smile Town Book Club: Arthur’s Tooth, by Marc Brown

In "Arthur's Tooth", by Marc Brown, Arthur the aardvark watches as all his friends get visits from the tooth fairy, while his own loose baby tooth just will not to fall out!

Most kids get understandably impatient about that stubborn baby tooth that takes forever to finally fall out! In Arthur’s Tooth, Arthur is forced to watch as all his friends’ baby teeth fall out while his remains stubbornly in place.

He tries everything from steak and corn on the cob, to peanut brittle and other (increasingly desperate) measures, but that baby tooth just refuses to budge.

Meanwhile, more and more of his friends are proudly showing off their gap-toothed smiles. Muffy even brings a whole jar of teeth in for show and tell (worth $2 each from the tooth fairy).

To find out how Arthur finally solves this problem (with a little help from Francine!), pick up this great read at your local bookstore today!

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