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How Dental Technology Helps Kids Feel Better at the Dentist

How Dental Technology Helps Kids Feel Better at the Dentist

As we’ve discussed in the past, visiting the dentist can be a bit stressful for kids, especially when it’s a new experience.

Luckily, dental technology is advancing all the time. Many of these advances are not only improving the quality of care your child receives, they’re also making the experience itself more comfortable and less time consuming, too.

This is especially important when it comes to children. Many times, those first few experiences in the dentist’s chair can set the tone for how a child approaches visiting the dentist throughout life.

If those first experiences are stressful and anxiety inducing, it doesn’t set a very good precedent.

With efficient and smart dental technology, we can bypass some of those elements of dental care that are most uncomfortable for children, or at least significantly reduce the discomfort.

Take, for example, the scanning wands that we can now use to take digital impressions of teeth. These wands are not only easy and quick to use, they also eliminate the need for that gooey alginate impression material that we had to use in the past, and along with it the gagging, weird flavour, and general discomfort it can cause children.

The hard tissue laser is another great advance in dental technology that makes visiting the dentist a better experience for children.

Firstly, the fact that the dentist is using a laser on their teeth lends a sense of excitement to the situation for many children, who think it’s pretty cool. But it also means that most filling procedures done on primary teeth can be completed with only a topical anesthetic, and in turn significantly it reduces the need for sedation.

There are many small but important ways that dental technology can improve the experience of visiting the dentist for children. Contact us today to learn more!

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