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Are Sports Drinks Bad For Teeth?

Are Sports Drinks Bad For Teeth?

Sports drinks are often considered a healthier choice than other common drinks, such as pop or fruit juice. But in reality, they can actually cause serious damage to your teeth.

Sports drinks are often portrayed as and healthier than pop and juice, and so people tend to believe that these drinks are good for you. But sports drinks are in fact very high in sugar, salt, and calories. This means that when consumed in excess, they aren't really particularly good for you.

Sports drinks can also contain high levels of acidity. In combination with the above mentioned sugar, this acidity can cause some serious damage to your teeth.

How are sports drinks bad for teeth?

The acid that is present in these drinks, and that created by bacteria that feed on sugars in your mouth, breaks down your teeth's enamel and dentin, eventually resulting in cavities. When enamel breaks down, it also makes your teeth sensitive to temperature change and touch.

Should I stop allowing my child to drink sports drinks?

At Smile Town Burnaby, we recommend you treat sports drinks just like you would any high-calorie, high-sugar food or drink. In other words, sports drinks fine in moderation, but they shouldn’t be an everyday indulgence.

Of course, making sure your child takes extra care with his or her brushing and flossing routine after consuming a sports drink is always a good idea!

What should my child drink instead of sports drinks?

The very best choice for quenching your child’s thirst is (you guessed it) water!

If your child wants something with some added flavor, we suggest you try experimenting with adding different fruits or even vegetables to the water. For example, citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes and oranges add some zip and sweetness. Alternatively, adding cucumber slices to a cool glass of water can be very refreshing!

Feel free to contact the Smile Town Burnaby team with your questions about sports drinks and healthy alternatives, or about your child’s oral health in general.

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