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SmileTown Book Club: Dr. De Soto Goes to Africa, by William Steig

SmileTown Book Club: Dr. De Soto Goes to Africa, by William Steig

A new feature for the SmileTown Burnaby Blog, the SmileTown Book Club Series will feature informative, engaging, and comforting books for children about visiting the dentist.

Our recent blog post, 5 Great Books to Prepare your Child for Visiting the Dentist, featured the wonderful Dr. De Soto, by William Steig.

Dr Bernard De Soto, the mouse dentist, treats patients large and small (and of varying species) at his dental practice, with the help of his dental assistant/wife, Deborah. This first installment dealt with what happened when a fox with a toothache turned up at Dr. De Soto’s practice one day.

Dr. De Soto Goes To Africa, By William Steig

In Dr. De Soto Goes to Africa, the accomplished (and apparently world-renowned) mouse dentist receives a telegram from an elephant named Mundambo, in desperate need of dental care.

So, Dr. De Soto and Deborah pack up and make for Africa on a pain relief mission. No sooner do they arrive on shore, however, than they are kidnapped by Mundambo’s arch enemy, a resentful rhesus monkey named Honkitonk.

To find out how Dr. De Soto and Deborah cope with this turn of events, and if Mundambo ever gets the dental care he so desperately needs, pick up a copy of this fun, engaging book!

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